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Missions Descriptions

North Burma Christian Mission:

 – Based in Thailand

 – Exists to reach out and evangelize people in Asia

 – Ron and Patrizia Morse have been here recently to discuss this mission.  It was started by Ron’s grandparents in Asia in 1921, and several from the Morse family have been involved since then.


India Christian Bible College:

 – Started in India in 1984.  It is supported by Christian Churches and individuals who believe in global evangelism.  This College was established by Dr. John Philipose who is the Founder and President and his wife Annamma Philipose.

 – Mission emphasis is to reach the un-reached with special reference reaching the tribes of India, and millions of oppressed people.

 – Graduates go on to be Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Missionaries, and other Christian Workers.

 – John’s daughter, Laly Joseph, who lives in OKC and is a member of the Forest Hill Christian Church is the promotional director and has come to give mission moments for our congregation on several occasions.


Voice of the Martyrs:

 – Founded in 1967 by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, who was imprisoned 14 years in Communist Romania for his faith in Christ.  His wife, Sabina, was imprisoned for three years.

 – They spread the message of the atrocities that Christians face in restricted nations, and have been establishing a network of offices dedicated to assisting the persecuted church.


Texas 4000:

 – University of Texas students ride bicycles from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska, each summer.

 – The purpose of their trip is to raise money for cancer research and spread awareness of cancer and educate people on steps they can take to reduce the risk of cancer, such as wearing sunscreen, getting regular exercise, and avoiding tobacco.

 – One of the stops is in Watonga.  They stay at out church.  We have a hamburger fry for them where they give a program.  We also have breakfast for then the next morning before the continue on their journey.


Church Growth Ministries and Prison Chapel, Inc.:

 – Established by Joe and Fay Wilson.  Joe used to be the minister at our church.

 – Retired from ministry in Enid, Joe established CGM in 1999 to provide building needs to local small to medium size churches.  Through the use of donations and volunteers, thousands of dollars are saved to make church building projects possible.

 – PC was established in 2009 to build chapels in prisons, primarily here in Oklahoma.  They have built 5 prison chapels so far to evangelize to those in prison to be productive Christian citizens when they return to society.


Ozark Christian College:

 – Located in Joplin, MO.  Founded in 1942 as a four-year Bible College.  Its mission is to train men and women for Christian service as a degree-granting institution of biblical higher education.


Cookson Hills:

 – Cookson Hills offers help, hope, and healing to abused and neglected children and works with their families to break the cycle of abuse, neglect, dependency, and failure.

 – Located on more than 1,000 acres in northeastern Oklahoma, it provides a Christian home and school environment to help hurting families.

 – On Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 3:00 pm, we will host a regional meeting for Cookson Hills where they will be inviting representatives from churches in our area to provide an update on their projects and give a general overview.  We will be making more announcements as the time gets closer.


Camp Sooner:

 – Camp Sooner is in Pink, Oklahoma, close to Norman.  It is where we send our youth to church camp in the summer.  Camp Sooner is basically owned by the churches that use it – the churches who send their youth there.  The camp can also be used for retreats, so it is not just for kids.


Watonga Ministerial Alliance:

 – Consists of several of our local ministers to help families in need.

 – This may come in the way of helping someone passing through town that has no money for lodging and food, or local residence that have run into unfortunate circumstances where they can no longer pay their utility bills.

 – They are also involved with the local food bank.


Wheatheart Nutrition:

 –  Provide services for older individuals including home delivered meals, nutritional education, outreach, transportation, and other services that benefit older persons in need.


Christmas Jars:

 – This program we started several years ago where we take our loose change and put it in a jar throughout the year.  Then at Christmas time, we pick an individual or family in need and leave the Christmas jar for this person or family, either in person or anonymously, with a book that has the touching story of the Christmas jar.

 – This is a good way to help make someone’s Christmas a little brighter than it might otherwise be.


Special Missions:

 – These are special needs that arise during the year that we don’t plan for.  It could be a health issue or tragedy that affects someone locally.

 – This year, it was Hurricane Harvey.  We had Alisa Lovitt’s dad, Jell Spielman, the pastor for Arcadia Christian Church in Houston, tell about the help they are providing in the Houston area for victims of the Hurricane.  We gave support to their relief efforts.

 – Adam’s trip to Israel also falls under Special Missions.

Information was provided by Todd Lafferty.  If you have any questions about these missions or any others that Watonga Christian Church supports please contact the office or Todd.

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